As biological beings we are intimately tied to the terrain our feet touch. Where we walk is always where we are. Regardless of airplane and automobile travel, we are connected to the landscape, the air, the planet, and all of those whom we are in relationship with. However, we also have the capacity to abstract, allowing us to imagine/fantasize that we are connected to the world in different ways, other places, or not connected at all. It is this capacity which provides us with our greatest gift and our greatest liability. We can abstract, imagine deeply into the nature of the world, and become intimate with its physical and metaphysical workings—even become creators with volition and immanency. Yet, abstraction also separates and isolates us, allowing our most destructive tendencies to be disconnected and ignored, leading to excesses that we see manifested locally and globally. The ability to abstract is one of the most powerful ways we create; on the other hand, it can become a catastrophe of staggering proportions.

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